Ms. Jessie


Ms. Jessie Pan with over 18 years experiences in airlines  and customer service industries.


Ms Pan started her career in business aviation since 2008 by joining Metrojet Ltd - sister company of the Peninsula Hotel, she worked as the Head of Cabin Services and Sale Manager there for 7 years. She then relocated to Beijing and joined Deer Jet as Director of Service Delivery. 


In past 10 years, Ms Pan has solid experiences in handling HNWI, VVIP and Government Diplomats  directly throughout the daily operation of private jet.  Anticipate individual client’s needs and achieving service excellent were part of her everyday business.  


Ms Pan educated in Hospitality Management at the University of Birmingham, holding WSET Level III certificate and engaged in advanced studies in Insititut Villa Pierrefeu, the world-class finishing school in Switzerland.


She has been enthusiastic and influential in service delivery and training in business aviation sector.

Managing Director