Foundation Programme

Transition Training -
Airlines Cabin Crew to Corporate Flight Attendant


Service Topic

1.  Introduction to Aviation Industry

2.1.  Corporate Jet Operations – Catering Planning 

2.2.  Corporate Jet Operations –Menu Contents 

2.3.  Corporate Jet Operations –Trip Planning

2.4.  Corporate Jet Operations –Pre-flight Duties

2.5.  Corporate Jet Operations –In-flight Duties

2.6.  Corporate Jet Operations –Post Flight Duties 

3.  Gastronomic Onboard

4.  5-Star Housekeeping

5.  Situation Management

6.  Languages and Communication 

7.  Business Etiquette

8.  Safety and Emergency 

**Safety and  Emergency  is an optional training. Training to be  conducted by licensed instructor with separate charges. **